Stephen Duff Nissan Warranty

Stephen Duff Nissan Warranty

For peace of mind, every brand-new Nissan vehicle that is sold through Stephen Duff Nissan is covered by the manufacturers New Vehicle Warranty for a period of Five years or 150,000 km – whichever occurs first. Check with the Stephen Duff Nissan team to see if you’re covered as some already registered demonstrators or pre-registered vehicles may not qualify for the full New Vehicle Warranty, so just ask.

What does the Nissan Five Year Warranty Cover?

All parts and components of each new Nissan vehicle are covered, unless otherwise outlined in your Vehicle Warranty and Owner Identification Manual. Something to note is that regardless of who services the vehicle, if a warranty problem arises, an authorised Nissan Dealer (like Stephen Duff Nissan) must carry out the warranty work.

Peace of Mind with the Nissan Five Year or 150,000 km Warranty

Whether your vehicle reaches Five years or 150,000kms first, you can rest assured that your Nissan will receive care you can trust, from the people who know your car best. At Stephen Duff Nissan, we love to pair people with the best car for their needs and know and love the Nissan range.

Need more information on the Nissan Warranty? No problem, give Stephen Duff Nissan a call on 03 466 4190.